Lipid panel: ttl cholesterol- 159, hdl- 45, ldl- 102, triglycerides- 61, cholesterol/hdlc ratio- 3.5, non hdl- 114. Is this good with heart disease?

Depends on the natur. If it is coronary artery disease, then this lipid profile needs to be improved further. The goal is to get LDL down to <70mg/dl. This can be achieved with daily exercise for 30-45 minutes, avoid any saturated fats in diet or cooking and increase the dose of statin being used. Your cardiologist should help to titerate the statin dose further.
Depends on history. This is an acceptable level for somebody with no significant personal history of disease, however for pt with htn, i will suggest LDL below 100. Other diseases like diabetes , goal is LDL less than 70. The higher the hdl, the better.
Lipid panel. The lipid panel is good , not perfect. L. You're only 18 years old. You most likely do not have to worry about heart disease now.
Nothing is "good" With heart disease. Your LDL cholesterol is acceptable for age, but not if you already have heard disease. Your HDL is also borderline, but harder to manipulate with rx. Check w/your doctor.