What helps heal plantar fasciitis faster?

Combined treatment. The vast majority of plantar fasciitis can be resolved with non surgical management including heel cord stretching, deep tissue mobilization, over the counter arch supports, anti inflammatories, and night splints. While each of these treatments in of themself may be effective, a combined approach is more likely to heal it "faster".
Therapy. Plantar fasciitis can get better or worse with standard treatment. I disagree with the standard therapy. My Rx: After the acute phase (about 1-2 weeks), ice and braces are counterproductive. To heal naturally, you have to increase blood flow to feet (nightly hot soaks of feet), keep feet warm in bed with socks, and daily activation of the skin reflexes to improve blood flow and diminish pain.
Lots of things. Most cases of plantar fasciiitis will get better with time. Things that help include comfortable shoes; heel cups or orthotic devices, activity modification, ice, night splints, and probably most importantly, a plantar fasciitis stretching program. Clearly, if the pain has lasted more than a few weeks, seeing an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist or a podiatrists is recommended.