What are options of treating plantar fascitis?

Treatment options. Begin with rest, ice massage, otc anti-inflammatories, & stretching the foot/ heel throughout the day. Make sure you are wearing shoes with an appropriate amount of support... Consider shoe inserts (arch support), and wearing night splints... Prp or steriod injections may be considered after the above options. For more information please see
Many. There are many conservative treatment options for treating fasciitis. Once you see a specialist for your condition they will recommend one or many of the following treatments: steroid injections, tapping, stretching, physical therapy, and orhtotics. Please go to www.Eastpennfoot.Com/heelpaincenter or www.Heelpainnow for more info.
Conservative/Surgica. Stretching, icing, nsaids, orthotics, pt and injections. When these measures have been exhausted, surgery for plantar fasciitis may be indicated. Surgery involves release of the plantar fascia itself and is done via an open procedure with one of several incisional approaches or endoscopically. The procedure chosen by a surgeon is based on preference and patient selection criteria.