How can I fix my flat feet?

It Depends. Orthopaedic conditions such as flat feet only requiring "fixing" if symptommatic. A variety of surgical and non-surgical options exist but need to be tailored to your particular condition. Go to www. Aofas. Org to find an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist in your area for more specific information.
See an orthopedic su. Flat feet need treatment only if they cause pain or interfere with function. You must and has an md qualification if you have problems related to your flat foot.

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How can I fix my flat feet alignment?

Depends. Are there symptoms. It is not a question if the feet are flat, but are they functioning properly. If they are not function properly and symptom are arising, orthotics and supportive shoes often are the treatment. Surgical can be performed in the most serious cases.
All depends. If it hurts and how bad the condition is. Orthotics conservatively and then there are many procedures to correct flatfoot depending n the severity of the condition. See a podiatrist or foot and ankle orthopedist.
Orthtics. Get evaluated by a podiatrist. There are many things that can help flat feet.