Could I have mallet finger if I have finger pain?

Where is pain. Mallet finger is a rupture of the extensor tendon at the level of the distal interphalyngeal joint requiring 6-8 weeks of splinting for tendon to heal. Primary symptom is inability to extend the distal phalynx with some swelling not pain. Seek a hand surgical evaluation.
No. A mallet finger is a deformity of the finger caused by damage to the extensor tendon. Pain only without deformity is not a mallet finger.
Mallet finger. Pain is one symptom, a droopy joint is seen CommonRX is 8 week of full time and 4weeks of night time and part time activity splinting on the distal joint only . One can work with a mallet fingersplinted . Dirk Nowitzki played in the 2011 nba finals with this injury. But he had a full time trainer