How can you tell if you've got a heel fracture - or need an x-ray?

X-ray . We can examine a patient and based on history and physical have suspicion for a fracture, but we really confirm on x-ray. There are times when a fracture may not be obvious and require advanced imaging.
X-RAY. Your doctor should start with a good history and physical, followed by an x-ray. Sometimes a CT scan is needed. Good luck. Dr. Latva.
Acute onset of pain. Acute or immediate onset of pain with brusinsg in the heel is usually a sign that a fracture may be present. The only true way to diagnose a fracture is by x-ra by a hospital or medical specialist. So if you develop immediate pain in the heel and/or feel a "snap or pop" in the heel i would recommend seeking medical attention for x-rays and treatment.
Need x ray. Examination may see swelling , deformity, confirmation by x ray.