I had some foot pain yesterday so I went to the accupuncturist. Now I have a fever of 38.6 should I see a dr.?

Foot pain? Use accupunctur for foot pain okay , but you have elevated temprture know, the use accupunctur could cause infection or could be something else . Check it out please. Thanks.
May not be related. It would be unlikely for you to develope an infection that quickly from the accupuncure.
Coincidental?? There is a possibility you had an infection in your foot as the cause of your foot pain. The only infection that can occur 24 hours after an injury or injection is strep. Regardless you should see a doctor and get evaluatedfootfoot.
For fever - yes. If you have a febrile illness - please see your physician. In the United States the standard of care for acupuncture requires use of sterile, single -use disposable needles. The infection rate due to acupuncture is extremely low because the diameter of the needles is so small. Additionally it is a solid needle - not like a large needle used for shots or blood draws that can drag in bacteria & >>.
Yes. You need antibiotics because you most likely have an infection due to the needles. Go to urgent care, emergency room or your primary doctor for antibiotics as soon as you can.