Is blood blister in throat normal?

Probably. I assume you mean a raised bump that looks red and is not tender or bleeding. If this is not growing or changing and blanches with pressure it may be a vascular angioma. On the other hand if changing, bleeding, ulcerated or with a white discharge it should be evaluated and considered for biopsy.

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Sore throat and discharge stuff coming from tonsils. Noticed I have a tic tac size blood blister attached to my tonsil, dizzy, fever. What could it be?

Could be strep! You may have strep throat. Please get checked today. Make sure you are tested for it. A rapid test, if negative, needs to be confirmed by a strep culture though, as they can have false negatives 1-3 times out of 10 (depending on the test). If you don't treat some kinds of strep infections, you can have serious consequences (rheumatic heart disease, for one). So go see a doc today! Read more...