Is bee sting on tongue dangerous?

It could be . Dangerous if there is significant swelling of the tongue or surrounding air way. If this occurred it could prevent a person from breathing. For throat, airway, mouth swelling or any difficulty breathing >call 911!
It Can Be. A bee sting anywhere on the body can cause pain and swelling. Especially in oral tissues (like the tongue), the swelling can be quite extensive. You can imagine what happens next...If the swelling is extreme, it can completely close off your airway and make it impossible to breathe. Obviously, that would be a major problem. For people who are allergic, this scenario is even more likely.

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Honey bee sting on my tongue when I was child that time I didn't care but now in that area it created one boblu like pimple so what to do?

Unrelated. No reason to believe that a bubble like lesion on the tongue is related to the prior bee sting. The lesion should resolve within 5-10 days. If not, a physician can examine it. Good luck! Read more...