Is there a good medication for bunions?

Antiinflammatories . Antiinflammatories and ice can help along with good, comfortable shoes. These treatments only treat the symptoms. Surgical correction is necessary to address the structural deformity. Discuss with your foot surgeon to see what options are best for your particular situation. Dr l.
Bunions. There are no 'pills or medicines' for bunions, they occur due to abnormal pull if muscles.They may gradually become 'bigger' but if they don't cause any problems, they can be just watched. If they are painful, there are other options, surgery being one. If you need surgery you should see an orthopedic surgeon md who specializes in foot and ankle surgery.
Treatment options. Treatment options for the management of bunions include conservative and surgical management. Conservative management options include use of orthotic devices, change in shoe wear, medications such as oral no-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), steroid injections, padding of corns and calluses, and splinting and strapping.