Cramps mid cycle but now bloated. Can I be pregnant?

No Guessing anymore. We live in a world where we no longer use ambiguous symptoms to diagnose pregnancy. Cramps are most possibly the most ambiguous of symptoms. In our world today when a person is at risk for being pregnant they go to the store and get a pregnancy test to do in the privacy of your home. If your period is delayed then it will be time to test.

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I took levonorgestrel (not sure Plan B or My Way) last week mid menses and have no side effects, but I'm bloated, backaches and leg cramps. Pregnant?

Pregnancy test. The best answer to am I pregnant? Is a pregnancy test if you had sex there is a possibility. Take a pregnancy test and then repeat if your period is late again. Good luck. Read more...
If these symptoms. occured 1 week after intercourse -that is likely to early to be due to pregnancy. Emergency contraception can cause some of those symptoms. REF:

Would take a home pregnancy test if your period is late. Read more...