What are the symptoms if my tooth infection has spread to my brain?

May be many. Headache, changes in mentation or wakefulness, localizing neurologic abnormalities, occasionally fever may accompany brain abscess, but there are several other areas of the "brain" which may be affected. Complications are numerous. This should be cared for by a neurosurgeon and infectious diseases expert in collaboration.
Many. Decreased alertness, orientation, changes in vision and drowsiness. Contact your doctor asap with any initial signs of infection.

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How do I know if a tooth infection spread to my brain?

Culture the bacteria. Some common symptoms of an abscess in the brain are headache, changes in mental status, muscle or body weakness, speech slurring, nausea, fever, seizures, and or double vision. If you already have a brain abscess, the only way to determine where it came from is to culture it. There are many other causes. Only 25% of brain abscesses come from another part of the body.
YOU WOULD KNOW. Frankly, you would not be able to be on the computer, and answer all of these questions. A dental abcess that spread to the brain would cause fever and brain swelling that would render you unable to stand or work on a computer. If you have a dental infection have it evaluated by a professional and if it concerns you to that extent, do it immediately.

How do I know if my tooth infection could spread to my brain?

You already know. That a tooth infection could spread to your brain. If you are asking has the infection spread to your brain, the answer is probably no, especially if you are on the internet asking questions and not in a coma. Get that infected tooth treated promptly.
You don't. You don't know. That's why you need to get the infection treated now. By the time you figure out that the infection has gone that far it's too late. Knowing that the infection could spread to your brain, the question is why would you wait?

Is it possible for my abscessed tooth infection to spread to my brain?

Yes, but rare. Please do not wait. Go see your dentist a. S. A. P.
Yes. Left untreated an abscess can spread through soft tissue and eventually infect the brain.
It is possible. A tooth abscess won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus, brain and to other areas of your head and neck. A dental abscess is a collection of pus that forms in your teeth or gums as a result of a bacterial infection. Dentist will treat a tooth abscess by treating the cause and getting rid of the infection. See your dentist ASAP.

I'm curious, how long would it take for an untreated tooth infection to finally spread to the heart and brain?

Impossible. While this scenario is definitely possible, there is absolutely no way to predict or quantify the risk. Please do not be the test case. If you have an infection get to the doctor to get it treated.
Probably never but. If you already had a bad infection, especially if you were not already on antibiotics, it only takes minutes. To clarify this for you, bacteria from an infection in your jaw could travel in the blood stream to other parts of your body within a minutes. However, that is not to say they would produce a serious problem. Your body's defense mechanisms are always active to defend against such attacks.
Uncertain. There is no real time frame for this for all people. Best to get the infection treated as soon as possible.
Depends. The anatomy of where the infection is will dictated the pace of reaching the brain cavity in particular. While the heart is at some level of risk for a spreading infection systemically, most deaths from infected teeth were attributable to brain infections.