What are the symptoms of giant cell arteritis?

Headaches/vision los. Headaches, partial or complete loss of vision, shoulder and hip muscle aches are the most common.
Giant cell arteritis. Also known as temporal arteritis as pain in the temple area is a symptom, other possible symptoms could be vision related. If there is an index of suspicion a blood test called ESR or sedimentation rate is done and often a temporal artery biopsy is recommended. Steroids are used to treat.

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What is giant cell arteritis?

Vascular inflammatio. It is a specific form of vascular inflammation in which there is inflammatory disruption of vessel lining, usually with visible giant cells, which is often associated with headaches, fatigue, anemia and can produce blindness.
Giant cell arteritis. Giant cell, or temporal arteritis is an inflammatory condition which affects the lining of various blood vessels around the body. It is often associated with a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica. Symptoms include weight loss, scalp tenderness, pain in your jaw joint, as well as transient vision loss. This can cause permanent vision changes as well. It is treated with long term steroids.

What is giant cell arteritis like?

Giant cell arteritis. This is a diffuse inflammatory disease that primarily involves branches of the external carotid artery. The most serious complications of cranial arteritis are a sudden loss of vision or the occurrence of stroke-like symptoms. See your PCP ASAP for en emergency treatment.

Can you give me more info on giant cell arteritis?

Giant cell arteritis. Inflammatory disease of blood vessels most commonly involving large and medium arteries of the head, predominantly the branches of the external carotid artery. It is a form of vasculitis. The most serious complication of gca is permanent blindness, though this can be prevented by prompt treatment with corticosteroids.

What is giant cell arteritis and how dangerous is it?

? loss of vision. Temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis) typically presents with severe pain over the temple and can lead to blindness, but rarely may cause a stroke. If present, the patient needs to start steroids asap to prevent severe irreversible problems.

What are the safest home remedies for giant cell arteritis?

Steroids now! The only safe thing for proven giant cell arteritis is immediate high-dose corticosteroids (usually prednisone, 40-60 mg by mouth daily) for at least a few weeks, then tapering the dose. These drugs do have side effects but they usually don't cause immediate, untreatable blindness, which untreated gca can. My next procedure today is a temporal artery biopsy to attempt diagnosis of this condition.
None. Failure to treat giant cell arteritis promptly with high dose steroids can lead to irreversible blindness, stroke, or other catastrophic complications.

What is the definition or description of: Giant cell arteritis?

Giant cell arteritis. Giant cell arteritis is considered a vasculitis where an individual's on body's immune cells attacked the lining of the large blood vessels. This may be associated with headaches, difficulty chewing, and in severe cases visual changes and even visual loss. This is an area routinely handled by a rheumatologist. I am happy to do a consult if needed.