I have locked jaw, what should I do?

Locked Jaw. Lock jaw is due to the disorder of temporomandibular joint, and you can not fool around with it.You need to see an oral surgeon who will advice you what treatment to pursue.You can also consult your dentist.Some time it is due to degenerative disease of the joint and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs may help.But see the specialist.

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Please help! I have a locked jaw, what should I do?

Try this. Locked jaw, a slippage of the mandible and maxilla so that cartilage gets in the way of motion, is painful and distressing. Try this trick: Open the jaw as wide as possible and then very slow move the jaw to the left and then to the right. This will commonly overcome the blockage, normalizing the joint . If this fails see your dentist or ENT specialist for a medical correction. Read more...