My baby is teething and rubbing his tongue a lot could this be thrush?

White coating? Do you see a thicker than normal white coating on your child's tongue or cheeks... If so, this may be thrush. Although babies tend to put everything in their mouth when teething. This might only be your child's way of dealing with teething.
Baby and Thrush. A good way to tell if your baby has thrush is to look in his/her mouth, and see if you see a white build up on his/her tongue and cheeks. Most of the time it is pretty evident. If it does not appear to be white but looks abnormally red it could be a mild case of thrush. This is easily treatable. I would advise seeing your pediatician or pedodontist if this continues.
Possible. Thrush is a fungal infection that usually presents with a white coating on the tissues of the mouth (tongue lips inside of cheeks at times) if you don't see a white film, it is unlikely to be thrush. Your child may just be doing this because of the teething. Children will often rub their mouths (sometimes even their ears) when teething.
Thrush visable coat. Thrush as a diagnosis would be applied to a milk like coating on the inner membranes of the mouth, not just the tongue & usually occurs in patches. Absent those patches, your kid probably just likes the soothing feeling of rubbing those areas.