What are nerve zingers in the hand?

Shocks. It's more of a slang term describing a sensation felt typically along a specific nerve in the hand/upper extremity. They usually occur when that specific nerve is irritated, compressed, or most commonly i see it after nerve decompression surgery while the nerve is "waking up." the nerve becomes hypersensitive and creates a shock like sensation along the path of nerve. Dr. K hand houston, tx.

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What are nerve zingers in a healing hand?

Stingers. Is it healing from an injury, after surgery? A short answer is that nerves sprout new axons to establish a re connection once injured, and this could cause aberrant signalling until the sprouts have full functioning. The insulation (myelin) on a nerve also has to be built back up so after injury also , and until that happens the nerve is also not functioning properly. Read more...