I just had an extraction on the left lower side of my mouth and im curious to know if teething is part of this?

Unlikely. I'm not sure that I completely understand your question or why you are asking it. If you are 32 years old, you should have lost all your primary (baby) teeth already and all the permanent ones should have erupted. Sometimes when a permanent tooth is congenitally missing, the baby tooth remains into adulthood. The best person to ask questions such as these is the dentist who actually treats you.
No. I don't think so but you can ask your dentist about it. Major things to worry are bleeding, infection dry socket jaw fracture, sinus perforation, part of the tooth left etc. Oftentimes, after tooth extraction we are told to spit minimum for 24 hours because it can dislodge the clot leading to a very painful condition known as dry socket.