How good is the waterpik for dental health?

Helpful adjunct... The water pik can be part of the regimen to maintain good dental health. But it is not necessary to accomplish this, and if other techniques are not followed, it is not enough (see prior answers about good basic dental care). As for peroxide, would not use straight peroxide on any part of skin or mucous membrane or in mouth: too astringent. Perhaps diluted, or combined with baking soda, may be ok.
Excellent! It is one of my favorite dental home care aides. When used properly it will reduce the amount of food and bacteria trapped between and under the gum tissue, better then most any other type of interdental device.
Very good. It is a good item to add to regular brushing and flossing, but make sure you put it in a medium setting, too hard can cause some damage.
Excellent. It is an excellent adjunctive cleaning aid. When used properly it reaches areas often missed with brushing and flossing. Also good stimulation for the gums. Small learning curve to contain water without splashing bathroom, but easily mastered. Try it - you'll like it . Good Luck.
Waterpik. Patients will often be more compliant with using the waterpik device than with flossing. Flossing is always preferred--but in areas around orthodontic retains it is often so difficult to floss that the waterpik will help prevent tooth decay better than if the patient were to not use it.
WaterPik. Excellent. Use caution on angulation of the tip. It should be 90 degrees to the tooth so it causes a circular force around the neck of the tooth along the gum line. If it is 45 degrees it can put too much pressure causing a increase of the pocket depth. Have your dental hygienist demonstrate.