I have dental gum disease, what's my first step to get rid of it?

Good oral hygeine. Probably the best treatment for most gum disease is regular trips to the dentist for check-up, and good oral hygeine at home, like brushing regularly, and flossing. Poor oral health can lead to infections that can travel within the bloodstream.
Don't give up! If your good habits at home, i.e. Brushing and flossing, don't reduce the problem, you may have more serious periodontitis rather than just gingivitis. See your dentist soon.
Proper Diagosis. As is the case for any disease, formal diagnosis must come first. By taking the full measure of the problem, a rational, comprehensive, and informed course of therapy can be devised. Your general dentist may choose to treat your gum disease, or it may be deemed preferable to have it managed by a periodontist. See http://www. Perio. Org/consumer/1a.Html for contact information for one near you.
See a Dentist. Need to find a good dentist. They might refer you to a gum specialist (periodontist). They will educate on condition, options, procedures, prognosis, etc, etc, then it is up to you to follow through. Good luck. I hope it all works out well for you.
See your dentist. 1. See your dentist. 2. Have a deep cleaning done by your dentist (aka, root plane/ scale) 3. Maintain good oral hygiene at home, including flossing 4. Optional use off additional things, such as: breathrx mouth rinse, sonicare toothbrush, waterpik) 5. Possible gum surgery.
Dental supervision. You should first have a thorough cleaning, x-rays and evaluation to determine the severity of the gum disease. Then you should listen to the advice to the dental hygienist and dentist on the steps necessary to proper home care maintenance. You may need more than two cleanings a year or some deep cleaning.
Diagnosis. Proper diagnosis. Mild gum disease can be treated many times with a thorough "deep cleaning" of the roots below the gum tissues. Otherwise consult a periodontist for comprehensive therapy. Good oral hygiene and regular cleanings are the key to long term success.

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Can you get rid off gum disease?

Gum disease tx. Yes you usually can with treatment. See your dentist to discuss cause and treatment of your disease.
Yes you can. If you already have gum disease you need to be under care of periodentist for deep cleaning and you may need gum surgery. Once done that you need to prevent further gum disease by using a powered tooth brush and flossing twicedaily. And getting cleaning and check up done twice a year by your dentist laser treatment is also available for gum disease by some perodontists.

Gum disease how to get rid of it without insurance?

Floss & H2O2. Floss and then rinse (swish) hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day. After brushing top to bottom for upper teeth and bottom to top for bottom teeth.
Improve Hygiene. Brush and floss daily everywhere, but at this point you may need a full mouth cleaning to start. If you already have calculus (tartar) build up, then it needs to be removed first. You may also want to look into federal health centers that may be near you and you may qualify for reduced fees.
Dental care. Professional care as well as great dental hygiene are very important in controlling gum disease. It would be wise to seek care and possible estimates regarding costs.
Take personal charge. Gum disease is a highly treatable condition and while it does invoke professional dental intervention, the cost of care is usually well within most individual's ability to pay. Dental insurance should be viewed as a coupon that helps subsidize your care, but ultimately it is your health! If you are truly destitute, you can seek help at a dental school or free clinic. After treatment brush +floss!

What to do if I have gum disease how do I get rid of the tar?

See dentist. If you have gum (periodontal) disease, you need to see a dentist/dental hygienist to do a thorough periodontal examination, explain the treatment options and then have the treatment done. If you do nothing or continue to wait, the problem only is getting worse and the treatment success may get worse or no treatment may be possible exception extraction.
Gum disease. The bacteria that is present in your mouth takes just 24 hours to solidify which causes the gum disease. Seeing a dentist or hygienist to remove the hardened bacteria is the start to treating this problem. Daily flossing and brushing are essential to keep it from returning.

How do you get rid of gum disease, gingivitis?

Good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is the key. Regular brushing and flossing to remove the bacteria or plaque off the teeth which is the cause of gum disease. A visit to the dentist would be the first step. If you have gum disease, it would be necessary to have a deep cleaning to remove all the plaque and hard deposits on the teeth in order to start the healing process. Visit your dentist regularly.
Ckeaning. Brushing, and flossing regularly every day and after every meal. Getting your appropriate cleanings done with the dentist every year.
See a periodontist. I would suggest a consult with a periodontist to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan best suited for you.
Don't give up! If your good habits at home, i.e. Brushing and flossing, don't reduce the problem, you may have more serious periodontitis rather than just gingivitis. See your dentist soon.

Which type of mouthwash should I use to get rid of gum disease?

None available. Gum disease (periodontal disease) cannot be treated and cured with mouthwash. You need to see a dentist to have your teeth cleaned and a treatment plan devised as to how to correct your problem. After treatment, you can maintain your healthy mouth with proper brushing and mouthwash.
No. Mouth wash is an adjunctive therapy, not definitive therapy, in prevention of gingivitis. You control the gingivitis by good brushing and flossing, then the mouth wash would help to establish the feeling of fresh and wellness. However, in the case of true gum disease (there are other factors), mouthwash is not enough. Your dentist check up would help to diagnose gum disease, if it occurs.
Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) No mouthwash will get rid of gum disease, but of all the ones available, Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) is the best because of the substantivity of Chlorhexidine (it stays on the tissue after rinsing). If you have anug or nup - gum diseases caused by immune problems/stress/and bacteria, hydrogen peroxide can help. Be careful not to rely on these things - the only way to get rid of it is treatment.
See the dentist. If you really have gum disease, you cannot get rid of it yourself. Mouthwashes that help kill the offending bacteria are great for prevention, but once you have gum disease you will need some help. If you just have gingivitis, you might get it to subside a bit with listerine. The best mouthrinse is by prescription only.

How to get rid of gum disease without going for a root canal or buying products?

Root canal. I would seek another opinion, I was told I neded root canal 12 yrears ago and my teeth are still fien even htough I did not get the rtoot canal! You may really need it or it may be jsut one of those situations where the dentist may not be right.
Sure. Root canal doesn't treat gum disease. Proper diagnosis of periodontal disease & professional treatment combined with adequate home care is best treatment.
Find the right DDS. Needing rct & having periodontal disease are two separate issues. I'm not sure where the confusions lies. The only products you have to buy are a tooth brush & dental floss. It would appear that you need to find a dentist whom you trust & will help you figure out what dental treatment is needed, why and what to do about it. If you don't feel that way about your present dentist, find another one.

Is there any way I can get rid of gum disease without a root canal or buying products?

No. Once you are diagnose with gum disease, you have it for life. You can only stop it from getting worst by doing your part with good flossing, brushing, and rinsing and getting your regular 3-4 month cleaning by the dentist or hygienist for areas that you can not reach. For moderate to severe periodontitis, products like rx mouth rinse or antibiotics like Arestin may be recommended.
Not related. Gum disease is caused by bacteria causing disease in the gum. Root canal is needed when another type of bacteria penetrates tooth structure and reaches the nerve inside the tooth therefore u needed a root canal. No product will get of gum disease or root canal. Only dentist can diagnose and treat.
See below. A root canal is a different treatment than for gum disease. Think of the inside of the tooth as lead in a pencil. The lead has to be removed because of infection in the nerve of the tooth and a rubber material (usually gutta percha) is placed in the canal of the root. Gum disease surrounds the teeth and has little to do with the nerve in most cases. We don't recommend you buy products.