How do you treat aggressive periodontal disease?

See Periodontist. A periodontist can help you control the aggressive forms of perio disease. Oral dna testing can tell you what specific pathogens are present and what antibiotics can help. Non-surgical (scaling & root planing) and surgical therapies (osseous surgery) may be suggested. Continual follow up with the hygienist or periodontist and maintaining prescribed home care & hygiene visits are paramount.
See periodontist. See a periodontist and get a plan..............
Treat the cause. Gum disease is a bacteria infection in the gum pocket. Neither scaling & root planing, brushing or flossing controls these bacteria. The only way that patients can control the bacteria is to use the perio protect method which delivers a doctor selected medication (hydrogen peroxide gel) into the pocket where it kills up to 99.98% of the bacteia. Once controlled, surgery may be needed.