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I have suffered chronic mouth ulcers for 12 years attended many doctors to try find the cause only to be disappointed as they can't help. Any ideas?

An Idea. Most mouth ulcers are a herpes type. Some chronic cases of this (if this is what it really is) can be treated by having an injection made from a deactivated and weakened version of the virus. Some research hospital could probably help you find a place that does this. It may be worth a try.
Lysine deficiency. It may be simply a need for lysine. Also I would ask about your diet. Does it consist of lots of acidic foods. Stress will also initiate these ulcers as it compromises your immune system allowing the dormant strep bacteria to produce mouth ulcers.
Autoimmune? If it has been that long, you may want to see a rheumatologist. Behcet disease can present with mouth ulcers and pemphigus also.
Decrease acidity. Some patients with recurrent mouth ulcers have saliva which is too acidic leading to an unhealthy environment in the mouth and resulting ulcers. First of all stop eating and drinking acidic foods and drinks. No coffee, tea, soda tomatoes, orange juice etc. Get some liquid antacids and rinse with 1 tablespoon after each meal and before bed. This should help a lot.

Doctors, at least once in a mouth I am suffering from mouth ulcers. How can I avoid mouth ulcer a?

Can't avoid well. Recurrent mouth ulcers are most likely recurrent aphthous ulcers. If so, this is caused by your body's immune system and any kind of stress will cause them to manifest. My advice is to get a topical steroid with or without topical anesthetic to minimize the impact and duration of the ulcers. Get an official diagnosis by seeing a dentist first to confirm.

Do you think I should take my 2 year old to the doctor for reoccurring mouth ulcers?

First visit. It is recommenced to your your child's first dental visit by the time they turn. A pediatric dentist will be able to help.

Dear doctor recently I keep having recurring mouth ulcers anf last for a week and will attack agsin. What are the cures and why is this happening?

See below. Mouth ulcers can be due to many causes, most often viral, but recurrent herpes can be diagnosed and treated with antiviral meds for a prolonged period to reduce reoccurrence. Other mouth issues can be related to other benign viruses, diet, stress and much less commonly, malignancies. See you physician for an evaluation.
Trauma & Bacteria. You can also add medications to the list. What is your oral health like? Do you see the dentist regularly? How is your oral hygiene? Do you have broken or sharp teeth? What is your manual dexterity? What is your stress level? Do you grind your teeth? Warm salt water rinses can be a good homeopathic solution for mouth ulcerations. Please see a licensed dentist for a complete exam.
Apthous Ulcer. Seems like you have recurrent apthous ulcers or canker sores, which is a autoimmune response triggered by a variety of factors. There are no cures as of date, however the symptoms can be treated with pain medication and rinsing with warm salt water. Immune supplements may minimize outbreaks.
See a DDS\OS. Without actually being able to know your medical and dental history, along with be able to clinically see those ulcers in person, we can't know exactly what they are and what are the causes. You need to see a general dentist or oral surgeon who can go over all this information with you, see the ulcers and answer your questions accurately.

I get mouth ulcers alot. My family doctor don't know why any ideas? I am 26 I used to use dip tobacco but quit two years ago

Many causes. It could be many things..... You need a complete evaluation. See an oral surgeon who can work you up and suggest causes/treatment. Suggested reading: http://www. Healthline. Com/symptom/mouth-ulcers.

30yo bruises with the slightess touch, 2 mouth ulcers and very white skin, dizzy and wont go to a doctors?

White coat phobia. It is imperative that this person be seen by a doctor asap. If the person bruises easily, is pale, and has lesions in the mouth, the person needs a complete CBC if nothing else.
Be patient. It's hard to say what exactly is wrong from your description. You can't force a 30 year old to see a doctor, so that is his/her decision. Just be encouraging and don't force the issue. I have found that the more you pester someone about something they don't want to do, the more obstinate they get. Is there someone really close to this person who can encourage him/her to see a doctor?