Does gum disease always develop into periodontal disease if people don't look after their teeth?

Always... Gum disease is a common name for periodontal disease. It is chronic disease, like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure etc. Once you get it- it is forever...Early signs may be gums bleeding, bad breath, later you may get teeth moving and, if neglected- you may loose teeth. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria, there is some genetic predisposition also. So, my advise is: do not wait.!
Likely. Gum disease...Infection in the gum that surrounds teeth. Unattended infection can spread to the teeth and cause periodontal disease. Eating healthy foods (non gmo, organic, more fresh foods, variety of foods, less processed and "comfort foods") will help the immune system. Flossing is crucial! If you have gum disease see someone and get it taken care of before it progresses.

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Will gum disease develop into periodontal disease if people don't look after their teeth?

Gum Disease. Absolutely. Good home care reduces the bacteria and inflammation leading to bone loss and then loss of teeth.
Yes. Gum disease or gingivitis is periodontal disease. It is the early stage of it and if not treated properly will advance into a more advanced problem called periodontitis which affects the bone as well as the gums.
One is worse. Gingivitis is the beginning stages, and by definition, your gums are inflamed, and you might see them bleed when you brush and floss. If this is left untreated, then the infection moves deeper into the jaw, and it progresses to the more severe, periodontal disease.

Men with periodontal disease had 64 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer? Should I be worried. I have moderate gum disease. Finally got dental ins

Statistical Relation. From my understanding, no cause and effect relationship. Other factors to consider. I think at this stage you should be more worried about losing your teeth and wearing dentures. Http://www. Colgate. Com/en/us/oc/oral-health/conditions/gum-disease/article/ada-01-periodontal-disease.
Fortunately. Pancreatic cancer is less common than cancers of lung, colon, prostate, blood. So 64% more of a small risk is still a risk smaller than any of the other cancers or more common cause of death such as heart disease. You should have your teeth/gums treated, but this treatment would probably not affect your risk of death in any meaningful manner.
Periodontal Disease. Good day; I would be concerned more about eliminating periodontal disease and maintaining a inflammatory free dentition than an increased susceptibility to Pancreatic Cancer. Meticulous home care, firm keratinized gingival tissue and frequent prophylaxis visits will minimize cancer susceptibility.
Be aware. Knowing that some of the pathogens in gum disease are associated with but not necessarily causal for pancreatic cancer really gives you one logical option: Manintain your periodontal health so you have a normal flora or bacterial ecosystem so you have one less thing to worry about! The fewer things you have that are associated with significant disease, the better!
Risk. Risk of damage from gum infection more significant than slightly elevated risk of pancreatic cancer. See a Periodontist, a gum/bone specialist, to treat your infection, thus reducing cancer risk.
See below. Have your dentist take care of your periodontal issues and refer you to a periodontist if needed.
Risk factors. You have other risk factors that would be more indicative of cancer risk. Alcohol and smoking are significant risk factors for oral cancer so a screening visit is indicated. The correlation with pancreatic cancer is not indicative of causation. Get an exam, screening and treatment for your periodontal issues, for your health in general.
Peridontal disease. The good news is that periodontal disease can be treated. Get to a dentist and get your mouth healthy. Also work n your diet, weight, smoking and the other unhealthy areas in your life.
Periodontal Health. We should all try to improve our health as best we can on a daily basis. Therefore go for routine dental and medical check-ups and listen to your dentist and physician's recommendations. There have been shown higher health risks in general for individuals with poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease. While present they are not major risks. Especially at your age I would not worry.
See your dentist. Having periodontal disease puts you at risk for other health problems as well. Good thing is, it is treatable. See you dentist to help you manage your periodontal disease.