How do I get my dentures repaired?

Go to dentist. If it is a minor repair the dentist can repair it in the office. Major repairs will have to be done at dental lab.
Dentist. A dentist can either repair the dentures in office, or have a dental lab do it quickly.
Visit your dentist. Often dentist can repair the denture quickly if there is a minor problem. If there is a more involved problem, then the denture may have to be sent to the lab or sometimes a new one might be needed.
Go to a dentist. Eventhough adental technitian can repair it, we as dentist need to adjust it in the mouth , sometime reline it or check the bite at least.
Dentist / specialist. See your dentist or a prosthodontist (specialist in dentures) for an evaluation of your needs. Some can be repaired on site, other times they must go to the lab and you need a prescription for this to go to the lab (it is the law).