Can repeated injury to neck face back during grand mal seizures cause spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal and can occur because of any structure encroaching upon that space. It can be congenital or something that you are born with. It is commonly caused by disc bulging or herniation, facet joint hypertrophy (overgrowth) from arthritis, or ligament buckling. Trauma as you described could lead to a bulging disc or arthritis with time.
Doubtful. It will take many years for osteoarthritis to develop after injuries to cause stenosis. I am assuming that injury as well as stenosis is in low back.

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During a seizure got a very bad contusion on my spine from the fall also causing spinal stenosis. Chronic pain persists yet all drs dismiss my pain.

Discuss with MD. Very difficult scenario. The spine contusion should improve with time at your age, this maybe helped with some physical therapy and pain meds. If it is persistent chronic you may benefit from a spine specialist or interventional pain specialist. Read more...