How soon after dental extraction will I be able to use dentures?

Immediately. We prefer immediate dentures after extraction to help control swelling. You will need a reline of the dentures after the swelling dissipates.
Depends. Some patients have their teeth removed and wait 4- 6 weeks before beginning the process of having dentures fabricated. Other patients may not want to go without teeth for that time period, and their dentist takes an impression of the mouth with the existing teeth present. The teeth are removed from the cast mold and dentures made. The dentures are inserted at the time the teeth are removed.
Immediately. Your dentist can often plan for you to be wearing a denture on the way out of the office the same day you have teeth pulled...There are many things to consider with immediate dentures (like fit after a few months and relines) but all in all they are one of several great options for someone considering full dentures.
Immediately . In our office i usually want the patients to start wearing their dentures immediately. This protects the very fragile bone that was immediately around the extraction areas from food and tongue trauma.
This can vary. This is up to the discretion of the dentist that removed the tooth. Some partial dentures may irritate the healing dental extraction site. In some cases diseased teeth are removed and a denture is inserted immediately. In this case dentures can put pressure on the socket and help with the healing. Check with the dentist for your particular answer.
Immediately. If you have immediate dentures, you can use them right away. They will help keep your face supported and full and allow you to smile. After a few days and one or two adjustments, you will begin to be able to consume soft foods such as scrambled eggs, applesauce, pudding, mashed potatoes, yogurt, soups, etc.Once you are healed, you will be able to move on to more foods. You chewing will be grinding.
Depends. Often dentures are placed at same time as the teeth are extracted and are functional very soon.
Soon. You can actually wear your denture right after the extraction. However, you will be sore for a while and might want to chew on soft food until you heal.
Very soon. Most immediate dentures are put in right after teeth are removed. But if you had extensive surgery, that may be uncomfortable. Ask your dentist for her specific recommendations.