Doc please tell how to know whether I am carrying a boy or a girl other than ultrasound. Home method to detect. I am very very tensed these days abt baby?

Why so tensed? There is no reliable home method to determine the sex of your baby. While it is common these days to determine gender via ultrasound, my wife & i chose not to do this with our children- we waited til birth to find out. Why are you so tensed? How would learning if your baby is a boy or girl reduce your tension? If it is important then get an ultrasound, but this is not reliable until 18 weeks.
One way to know. The only way to know the sex of the baby is through ultrasound. Just get regular follow ups and monitored by you physician so that you have a healthy baby whether it be a boy or a girl.
None available. There are many myths about babies heartbeat,position, string tests, etc and all of them work exactly half the time as you would with a guess. There are ways to tell when it is medically necessary.Otherwise you will know when it happens.