So lately for 2 days straight when I use the restroom to take a stool. I bleed a lot from my anal and it hurts like it feels like if its swollen.?

Fissures/hemorrhoids. Two common causes of anal pain are fissures and hemorroids..If feeling "swollen" bulges = likely hemorroids. External/thrombosed hemorrhoids and fissures are quite painful. Internal hemorrhoids bleed but usually no pain. Rectal prolapse can sometime bleed an causes bulging/discomfort. Increase fibers/stool softeners/fluids, avoid straining. If worsens, consult your doc... Good luck.
Fissure, maybe. You may have an anal fissure- like a crack or tear. These cause bleeding and a lot of pain, and are caused by trauma, like a hard stool or lots of diarrhea. Increase your water and fiber intake, consider a stool softener. Sitz baths help the pain, which is caused by internal sphincter spasms. If it's not better in a week, see your doctor for proprer diagnosis and other treatment options.