Why does the clear blue ovulation predictor sticks only show me ovulating one day of the month when it says it will show u the 2 most fertile days?

Often positive 1 day. Ovulation predictors show the hormone surge in the urine that triggers ovulation and that surge lasts less than a day. When the predictor turns positive a woman will ovulate in 12-30 hours. So have sex that day and the next day. Those are the 2 most fertile days. You don't need to check a predictor any more that cycle once it turns positive. Hope this helps!
Ovulation is an even. Ovulation is an event. It is the pushing out the readied egg from the ovary. The process of getting ready to express the egg can be incorrectly called 'ovulation' as well. But, the exact day you ovulate is the most important piece of information in your cycle. Now knowing when you ovulate you know the days you are most fertile, which are the five days prior to and the day of ovulation.