What effects of very high stress and anxiety along w/ panic attacks that make your nose bleed have on the body and mind.

Many. High stress & anxiety can cause muscle tension, rapid heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea, diarrhea -- symptoms all over the body not to mention the scary emotions of fear and dread. It can result in sleep disturbance, which worsens the whole thing. Nosebleeds can happen from causes like dry air, picking, and inhaled drugs like Cocaine -- not usually stress alone.
YOU ANSWERED. Sounds like stress helped you to get your blood pressure up ; start a nosebleed: an effect. More importantly there a good chance you'll damage your immune system and more that you'll train yourself to be upset without reason. Try a psychiatrist: therapy and meds would help you take control of things and improve them.
Anxiety. High stress and anxiety can exhaust your mental resources. You may end up being incapacitated in terms of taking care of yourself, others, doing your job at work, etc. Also, people tend to become depressed and abuse substances to remedy their condition.