I was having hep a and I am recovering from jaundice right now. Y does my liver pain whenever I walk for few mins? Close to normal sgpt, high bilirubin.

Hepatitis A. I am sorry to hear that you got this infection. It is very common in india. There is a vaccine for this common viral illness and i would advise all who read this answer to go straight to the doctor and to get vaccinated. But, in the meantime, you should very quickly begin to feel better as the liver recovers and you get back to living well. There is also a hepatitis b vaccine. Please get it.
Give it time. When you get hepatitis, your liver swells and stretches its "capsule" which is rich in pain fibers. A deep breath or jiggling it with walking will hurt until your liver shrinks. That will happen but it takes time. No medicine will hasten this; just give it time.