Broke foot and big toe is slightly turned towards the other toes. Buddy tape? Seems no one will help me. No ins no $$$$$

The question . Is not clear. How do you know the foot is broken? Which bone is broken? Many people have a big toe that turns towards the lesser toes, this describes a hallux valgus deformity (bunion) that can occur without a break.
If it's broken. You'll need to see if the fracture is displaced or severe, but usually off-loading in splint and crutches is called for if its a fracture. If it's a severe fracture, you may need surgery to repair the broken bones. Buddy splinting may actually make it worse because of the displacement. Good luck.
Bunion. Try purchasing a bunion splint. This will help pull the toe back to its normal position.

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Broke foot per ER doc. Big toe points toward others slightly. Getting a cam walker but should I buddy tape big toe to next toe. In a lot of pain still.

Where is fracture? If big toe, buddy tape may not help, since the big tow is important for step off - you push off the ground with your big toe, and the second toe will not be able to keep the big toe from moving. Was an xray taken? If so, what are the results? You need to make sure you do not have movement at the fracture site - any motion will cause pain and if it moves, it will not heal. Read more...
Depends. Hi-- so it depends on what is broken. It appears as if you have a slight bunion deformity...The "big toe points toward others"--nothing to worry about as long as it is not the big toe that is broken and/or big toe is not painful. We do not buddy tape big toes and splinting is not really appropriate for bunions. Let me know what bone is broken and we can go further with options. Read more...