Almost 2 weeks now I have had this continuous dry cough and no cough meds seem to help and if they do its not for long. What coukd be the cause?

Possibilities... Possibilities for a cough like this include bronchospasm from any etiology including infections (bacterial, viral, atypicals, etc.). Other possibilities include gerd, post-nasal drip or other sinus problems or even a combination of factors. You definitely should have this diagnosed by your doctor so the correct treatment can be given. If you smoke, you need to quit asap.
Persistent cough. Persistent dry coughs tend to be due to either allergies (with postnasal drip) or, in some cases, due to medications--lisinopril, in particular. Occasionally, persistent cough can just be the after effect of a recent cold. Both of these kinds of cough originate in the back of your throat. If it feels like the cough is coming from deep in your chest, consider other causes like asthma, or pertussis.
Infection. Unresolved cough after 10 days should be evaluated. Please see your family doctor or otolaryngologist.
? Reflux disease. Could be anything. Needs to rule out any lung problems or laryngeal problems first. You may also be having gastrophageal reflux disease, if you have nocturnal cough. You need to see your doctor.