Should people diagnosed with sle or discoid lupus avoid taking the drugs associated with drug-induced lupus?

If possible. Certain drugs can affect lupus so if there is a choice it may be prudent to avoid three drugs however depending on your circumstance there may not be other options. If you must take a drug associated with lupus be vigilant in reporting any joint pains, fever, or unusual symptoms to your doctor.
Preferably. While there is no direct correlation between the the diseases, it is advisable not to take such medications.

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Drug-induced lupus--will it come back?

Not if you do not .. Not if you do not take the original offending drug and or other drugs that are likely to cause this. Read more...

What is the differentiation between scleroderma and drug induced lupus, have markers for both?

Much different! First, your clinical sx are more important than the labs. Drug-induced sle is characterized by single-strand anti-da abs. Markers for possible pss include scl-70 and centromere antibodies. But where you on a drug which commonly caused drug-induced sle. What are your symptoms: fever, joint pain, pleuritis, pericarditis? Or do you have raynaud's, swallowing probs, etc. See a rheumatology expert! Read more...