Itchy red rash start 3 mo ago nape of neck spread to back, buttocks, thighs. Husband diagnosis fungal infection scalp/mustache area--could catch from him?

It could. Tinea versicolor can be spread by contact. I would go to be seen and confirm since the treatment for an infection so widespread would be an oral anti fungal.
You could. You should go to see your doctor and have your doctor examine your rash. Yes, fungal infection is very possible especially that you have possible exposure from your husband. Other causes also need to be checked- so , go to see your pmd ( likely your hubby has what is called- tinea barbae- and when it is located on the trunk -like in your case- is called tinea corporis. They are ringworm).

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Rash red smallish bumps, itchy spread over months from nape of neck down back to thighs/. Doesn't look like ringworm but could be other fungal?

Rash on Back. Without seeing the rash it is difficult to make a diagnosis. However this could be tinea versicolor. Tinea versicolor is fairly common. It is caused by a type of yeast fungus called pityrosporum ovale. This fungus is normally found on human skin. It only causes a problem in certain settings. Read more...
Best to have it . Looked at.Hard to say without additional information.May just be heat bumps and dry skin.In the meantime, you can take some antihistamines like benadryl, (diphenhydramine) Claritin , Allegra , zyrtec or any generic equivalent to stop you from itching and avoid skin infection. Read more...