History of ischemic stroke. Went off crestor (rosuvastatin) for 3 mo, then more frequent symptoms of tias, related to hypercholesterol (high good and bad levels)?

Got levels? If your cholesterol levels are abnormal, then maybe. If not, then no. Call your doctor.
Limping lipids. Cholesterol ain't the whole story. Statins, like crestor, (rosuvastatin) not only reduce blood cholesterol levels but two other important things. 1. They reduce actual plaque size in blood vessels. 2. They stabilize plaque walls making them less likely to crack, resulting in strokes (obstructive and/or embolic). So get back on your Crestor (rosuvastatin) and stay on it. Also use antiplatelet drugs, control blood pressure, etc.

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Healthy before probable ischemic stroke at 90. Cholesterol high for years, then controlled by crestor (rosuvastatin). Daughter stopped it, doctor stopped aspiriin.?

Stroke prevention. The Aspirin may have been stopped by your physician at least temporarily to decrease the chance of GI bleeding. The stroke causes increased stress to your body and there can be an increase in production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Aspirin increases risk of bleeding because it inhibits platelets which are part of the clotting process. Your labs may have also influenced this decision.
Complicated. If you have bleeding, evidence of iron deficiency anemia, stomach upset or frequent nausea, Aspirin is problematic. If not, I'm unclear why your doctor stopped it - perhaps ask him/her? Crestor (rosuvastatin) lowers the risk of stroke. Unless you have gotten muscle aches from it, I would use it. High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor. Is your BP controlled? (but not over-controlled! Too low is bad).
May be wise? Every treatment has risk--i do not know your circumstances, but if you are above 90 and in fairly good health till stroke, you probably doing good you doctor and daughter may have good reason to stop meds ask why? But these meds cause complications-- staying physically active is probably equal in importance.
Either way. Value of lowering cholesterol drugs in preventing cardiovascular events at this advance age is uncertain and so with aspirin. Consider that both drugs have potential serious side effects specially at this age group particularly bleeding, I personally would! Not strongly recommend either of both drugs.

Are basilar tias a risk factor for ischemic stroke? My dad had a medulla stroke right below basilar artery, both of us have had bas. Tia in the past

Yes. Tia's are essentially strokes that don't progress to permanent damage. So any TIA is a risk factor for stroke.
Yes. Posterior circulation tias are a risk for stroke. Basilar artery strokes are very dangerous. Please follow up with your neurologist. Need to decrease risk factors and need antiplatelet medicine when your doctor thinks it is safe. Also refer to stroke. Org.