The edge of my front teeth are translucent and have small vertical lines. I hate how they look. How do I get rid of them? Would a topical treatment help?

CRAZE LINES 'tough' Thin translucent enamel coupled with craze line is a tough problem to deal with. As far as topical treatment i would make sure you are using act mouthrinse 2x daily, brushing at least 2x daily and there is a product out there by gc named mi paste, this will help remineralize these areas. I have not analyzed this in person but you may need veneers or crowns depending on the severity of the cracks.
Translucent with line. Teeth that are thin on their edges, especially from bruxism & wearing away of incisal enamel may appear translucent. The lines you mention are probably surface enamel imperfections we call craze lines. Craze lines generally do not pose any great risk and can be left. However, if you are unhappy with translucency & craze lines, discuss options with your own dentist. Bonding, veneers, crowns?
Porcelain . Very common problem for people and it could have some underlying issues associated with it like grinding or improper hygiene. The way your teeth come together may also be a root cause and orthodontics may be required first prior to final restorations. Consider porcelain veneers/crowns as main solution to fixing them completely. Be sure to attempt to address underlying causes too!
Craze line in teeth. Those are normal aging lines that are common. They do not signify danger usually and are not commonly deal with in our practice unless a patient is distraught over them. The treatment is to do veneers typically to cover them with beautiful porcelain. Thin veneers are great because they require little to no tooth reduction yet look natural and thin.