I have a bump on my penis that looks like a pimple. Not sure if its an ingrown hair, shaved not too long ago or an std. I picked at it and it hurts.

Physical exam. The only way to know for sure what it is, is by doing physical exam. See your physician who can do a physical exam and the appropriate tests to find out what it is.
Folliculitis. Sounds like an ingrown hair or infected hair follicle. Either way, try a warm compress a few times a day and wash the area daily to see if it resolves.

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I have a small bump on my scrotum. It looks like ingrown hair or Pimple? I'm worry that it's std, but I'm a Virgin please help. Is it normal?

Nice observation... You are right with what you observed and described because this bump most likely represents a hyperactive sebaceous gland of hair follicle, which is harmless & needs no active care unless having recurrent infection or other bothers. Of course, without a direct look at and feel on it, it is hard to offer perfect diagnosis. More? Seek evaluation.counseling timely. Best wish to health... Read more...

I have bumps on my genitals... What do I do no stds. I get ingrown hairs alot. It looks like a pimple thats not ready, but it hurts alot?

Ingrown hair. Can be very bothersome when hair follocle gets inflammed. Probably occurs more often if & when genital area is shaved. Best to have it checked out by a dermatologist. Read more...