Stiff, tight, feeling in lower leg below calve on leftside. Only notice it when I walk or when I point my toes up. No swelling/pain. Ideas?

Tendonitis. Is an idea, so is neuritis, so is shin splints. Since, there are a few possibilities based on your description i'd recommend you see a doctor to evaluate in person so they could give you the best idea and solve your problem. You could try icing it, taking a antiinflammatory and wearing an arch support before seeing the doctor if you were looking to self treat. The possibility of a clot consider.
Could be bad. So this could be simple "tightness" of the achilles tendon / gastrocnemius muscle...However, anytime one has "tightness" in the calf, a deep vein blood clot needs to be entertained. I don't want to scare you but this is where online consults are limited-- a simple physical exam (by a doc) can delineate. You should get it checked out.
EnteCr an answer sum. You're describing the medial calf or the gastrocnemius muscle. Typically in a runner, walker who is a pronator, the gastroc will tighten, and can cause tightness, discomfort and even strain due to over use. Sterching exercises can help a great deal, as well as flexibility of the posterior calf muscle group. Massage, and yoga can help.