Tested positive for herpes, type 1- >8.0 ai herpes type 2- 3.7 ai does this mean by the level type 2 was recent? I heard over 5 means u had it longer

Reading Herpes Tests. I would caution you against these assumptions. These tests should be read and positive (one has been exposed and infected) or negative (one does not have evidence of exposure and infection). Trying to guess when one was exposed will never be correct from these numbers.
Labs. Labs are going to report results differently. In our lab, for instance, we report herpes type 1 and 2 as positive for igg or igm. I'm not sure what the abbreviation "al" means to your lab. Maybe someone else on healthtap will know. Igg means you've typically had it for at least 6 months. Igg means it's a recent infection. Good luck!~.