I have neck pain really bad, all the time from an accident. Physical therapy doesn't help. Nothing does. Is there surgery available? What to do?!

No simple answer. Neck pain from an accident can have multiple potential causes. Pt is a great place to get started, but there are plenty of other conservative treatments to consider. Surgery for neck pain without any spinal instability is very ineffective. I would ask to be evaluated by a spine/pain specialists to discuss the situation and treatment options.
Try alternatives. Before trying to do surgery i would recommend seeing a chiropractor and if that doesn't work try doing yoga. I would try all of your alternatives before doing surgery.
Varies. It really depends on the specific diagnosis for your condition. Yes, some painful conditions can have a fairly simple surgical solution and others really do not. Make sure you discuss with your physician getting down to the very specific nature of your problem, and at that time specific treatment options can be discussed.