Which prostate cancer treatments don't cause erectile problems?

ED and Prostate CA. Really all treatments for prostate cancer can cause some level of ed. This includes surgery, seeds, external radiation, hormone therapy. The only "treatment" that does not cause ED is observation!
Provenge (sipuleucel-t) vaccine. Ed is a very common problem related to treatments for prostate cancer -that include surgery , radiation ( external /brachytherapy), hormonal therapy and chemotherapy. Prostate cancer is dependent to testosterone. Treatment is aimed to lower it to the castration level. Low testosterone will cause impotency, ed. For selected patient with metastatic disease-immunotherapy with Provenge (sipuleucel-t) can be given.
5 AR inhibitors. Surgery, radiation, and hormonal blockade all may cause erectile dysfunction. The risk of impotence is related to the extent of the disease, the volume of tissue treated, and the expertise of the clinician as well as the pre-treatment level of functioning.