What are the different kinds of lupus?  

Sle, discoid. Disocid lupus affects only skin and 5 per cent develop internal lupus. Systemic lupusaffectsjoints and other organs but my skip skin. Lupusprofundus affects the the deep skin and fat with localized seeking. Crossover or mctd can have signs of lupus and other collagen vascular diseases-- scleroderma, rheumatoid setbacks, polymyosists.
Many different types. There are a variety of types of lupus. This can include systemic lupus erythematosus, discoid lupus, cutaneous lupus, lupus timidis, renal pulmonary lupus , cardiac lupus, neurologic lupus, hematologic lupus, etc. These are just some of the variety of different types of lupus.

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What are the different kinds of lupus? Are some kinds a lot worse than others?

Some are worse. The most severe case of lupus is systemic lupus which can affect many organs and usually requires agressive or some form of treatment. There is discoid lupus which can occur by itself and is manifested by skin lesions. Drug induced lupus is lupus symptoms caused by certain prescription drugs. There is another form called subacute lupus which has skin and some systemic problems but is less severe. Read more...