Is snoring in 9 month old infant normal?

Snoring can. Be normal unless your baby is having sleep apnea from enlarged tonsils and adenoids, then they would need to be taken out by ent.We all do snore to a certain degree. It can be very annoying, unhealthy, disrupting .A lot of people suffer from it but, without any respiratory issues. If concerned , please consult with your pediatrician.
Infant snoring. May be a problem. May be some obstruction in nasal area or congestion or infection. Rule out possible foreign body. Best to have your doctor check this out.
Snoring. Snoring in infants may indicate enlarged tonsils and adenoids and may be a candidate for a tonsilectomy.
SNORING. Cold, nasal blockage, narrowing of nasal passage due to swelling of inner lining or mucous, enlarged tonsils/adenoids cause noisy breathing, snoring. Other cause can be anatomic abnormality of facial bones/nasal canal etc. Check nostrils with pen light, if see mucous, suck with bulb syringe; if thick, put 3-5 drops nasal saline, then suck. Check with the pediatrician to rule out any abnormality.