Mild diffuse fatty infiltration of liver ALT 142 AST 77 low function gallbladder bilirubin fluctuates can this mean cirrhosis or coild it b from gb?

Separate problems. Fatty liver, a health risk, associated with elevated liver enzymes. It's treatable with weight loss n monitoring. Low function gallbladder typically means no gallstones, but irritated gallbladder. This can be managed, (not cured) with low fat diet, extra hydration and monitoring. Cirrhosis, permanent damage to liver, usually from toxins like alcohol. Stay with your doc, a low fat diet and be well.
Could be. From the gallbladder if it is not functioning properly and giving you symptoms. Numbers alone really don't tell much without the story behind it.

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I have mild fatty liver and gallbladder polyps my bloodwork now shows AST 34 and ALT 28 GGT 9 I am scared alk phispate 59 do I have cirrhosis 8 weeks ago AST 13 ALT 10?

Doesn't sound likeit. Very unlikely that you have chronic liver disease, based on the info provided. Your tests are minimally abnormal at most. Fatty liver can cause these. Check with your doc re: tests for abnormal liver chems, especially if longer than 6 months. Read more...