I had a liver test during arm muscle pain. I took voltaren pills. The test showed high AST at 82 iu/l, ALT at 188 iu/l and the rest was slightly elevated. Two months later, I am onlegalon, AST 47, ALT 128, rest normal. Could it have been liver related?

Meds, Liver Toxicity. It is certainly possible that nsaids like voltarin can cause reversible liver toxicity. It is also important to make sure there is no other reason for this rise in liver function tests like infections.
Most likely. Not sure what legalon is, but most drugs are metabolized via enzyme pathways in your liver. When a medication(s) overwhelms those cellular functions, one indication of this is spillage of liver cell enzymes into the blood stream. Would be cautious with alcohol usage and acetominophen use. Your doctor will probably check these tests periodically to be safe.