Toes/top of foot swollen. I can't seperate my toes. Icing causes more pain/swelling. Feels like it weighs 10 lbs. Swells all the time. Hurts every day for the past 3yrs. Why is this happening to me?

Need to find cause. Of the swelling. I would imagine if you had the condition for three years, you must of sought prior help. Why don't you share what was told to you so far? Without seeing your foot, you don't provide enough information to make an educated diagnosis......
Get it diagnosed. Some causes of pain and swelling of foot can include systemic problems such as hypertension, gout, and problems with the kidneys and localized issues such as arthritis, infection, lymphatic obstruction, blood clots, varicose veins, trauma (fracture, sprain, and tendonitis) and side effects to medication. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.
Need more info. So this sounds bad-- do you have diabetes? You really should seek treatment...Smelling could be infection or just athlete's foot but athlete's foot does not cause swelling. Need x-rays and a visit to the doc...Sorry to kick the can.
Needs Full Work-up. This could be simple osteoarthritis, especially if you had an injury. Or rheumatoid arthritis. Or a nonunion fracture. Or poor circulation. Even renal failure. Please have a evaluation with x-rays and exam.