Can a lung cancer patient still jog or run?

Depends. The level of physical activity of any person depends on the functions of heart, lungs, muscles and nerves. As long as those are intact an early, small lung cancer by itself would not limit activity.
Yes. To as much as your body feels able.
Yes, absolutely. Lung cancer patient can still jog or run. Yes, absolutely. Just use your common sense. If you feel well, not feeling tired- absoultely you can jog or run. You need to listen to your body. Get some rest if you must. Dont exert yourself too much. I always encourage everybody to keep active as much as possible.

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How true and actual it is that cow pee helps to cure lung cancer. It's referred to me by a cured lung cancer patient still alive. How true is it?

Unsupported. Many different 'natural' chemicals are tested in multiple types of cancers. This one has no good evidence to say that it is effective for lung cancer.
NO DATA TO SUPPORT. This has absolutely no support in the literature. You can always find a story where someone did x or took y and was healed. What they fail to recognize is they! . Did not have the disease anyway or 2. If they did, it was entirely something else that resulted in the cure. This is not as dramatic as exciting as attributing the cure to cow scat poultices - beware of these snake oil remedies, .
Not true. It has been analyzed for years in the farm industry by large animal vets, its contents and chemical composition are well defined. There is nothing magical about cow/bovine urine.

Can a lung cancer patient be active in a competitive sport?

Yes. They would certainly be at a disadvantage since treatment might include removing part of the lung, radiation damage to the lung, and/or side effects of chemotherapy.
Yes. If a patient has had surgery to remove part of their lung to treat lung cancer, often they can return to competitive sports. Pulmonary endurance however may be less than before the surgery. Minimally invasive surgery has hastened return to work and other activities of daily living.
Depends. The level of physical activity will depend on the general health and pulmonary function. If the person is otherwise healthy, there is no reason to curtail activity.

Can you tell me which are the particles that a lung cancer patient emmit when he/she coughs or exhale?

Mucous and blood. You can have pieces of a lung cancer coughed up if it involves the airway, but usually it is mucous and blood. Even if tumor is present, you cannot pass cancer to someone else.

What does it mean if oxygen saturation level is low in a lung cancer patient?

It depends on the de. It means there is less than normal oxygen level in the blood. If the lungs are diseased, oxygen transfer from the breathed air to the blood is impaired. Normally o2 saturation is between 95% to 100%. Anything lower than 90% saturation requires oxygen supplementation.
Several. Pneumonia and shunting. Fluid in chest. Air leak and pneumo. Diffuse metastasis. Frequently also superimposed on emphysema from smoking.

Is coffee bad for lung cancer patient?

No. There is no evidence that coffee is bad for lung cancer patients. However, please bear in mind that coffee is a natural diuretic (make people urinate more often). If you have advanced disease and side effects from treatments, drinking a lot of coffee may lead to frequent urination and loss of water and dehyration and it may worsen tiredness, fatigue and poor energy. It may also affect your sleep.