Do you get a collapsed lung after a lung biopsy?

You may. A small percentage of patients will get a pneumothorax ( air around the lung) during a lung biopsy. Of these only a small percent would need any treatment for it ( a chest tube or small thoracic vent) to remove the air and allow the lung to re expand. The risk depends on the location of the lesion and underlying condition of the lungs. In most patients it is a relatively safe procedure.
Not uncommon. The overall rate of a collapse of the lung during ct guided lung biospy is estimated at 25 to 30 percent. Many of these will re-expand on their own but about 10 percent will need a tube place expand the lung again. The more lung you have to cross and the more attempts you make as well as the presence of lung disease (COPD) make a collapse more possible. This is still a good method when indicate.
Can. 10-50% chance depending on lesion and condition of the lungs. Treated with small catheter if occurs.