Does liposuction leave you with uneven surfaces for your skin?

Lumpiness. Liposuction always causes some irregularities, although these are usually minor. It is important to wear your compression garments to acheive the best results. Lumpiness improves over time and improves with massage. Http://www. Dassmd. Com/liposuction/index. Html.
It may. Yes, it does have this potential and it is more likely in individuals with lax skin or ore-existing cellulite.
Sometimes. Liposuction removes fat from under the skin. If the skin is uneven before liposuction, it will likely be uneven after liposuction. Some small irregularities in the skin contour are common, and tend to improve with time. Larger areas of unevenness may require a second procedure to try to improve the results.
Occasionally. Although less common today, slight irregularities can result from liposuction by any surgeon. They are usually mild, and often can be improved by the use of revisional suction or use of fat grafts to fill any depressions or grooves.
Liposuction. Liposuction should not leave your body with surface unevenness, also known as contour irregularities. Although this is a risk with any liposuction procedure, you should make sure your doctor is well trained in the procedure and ask to see before-and-after photographs of previous liposuction patients.
It can. Quality of results would depend somewhat on skill of the surgeon, how much fat is removed, body location, etc.