Is an irregular heartbeat considered a heart disease?

Depends. If the irregular heart beat is due to sporadic premature beats and the heart is structurally normal, that kind of irregularity is present in all normal hearts and not considered a heart disease. On the other hand, if you have atrial fibrillation (for example), that is considered a heart disease.

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My grandpa had rheumatoid heart disease with mr. He died but his heart beat when we revived manually. Did he have a chance if the doc came 30mins sooner?

Asked and Answered. I am sorry for your loss. But you are asking for pure speculation and guessing and that is not possible. There is no way to give you what you want and for us to keep to our ethical standards. No one will ever know the answer to the question you are asking. Like previously taught, the real issue was that there was no defibrillator there to shock your grandfather's heart.

I have heavy feeling in my chest. I have chest pains that come in sequence w my heart beat it seems. Could this be a URI or heart disease?

See doctor! You need an evaluation by a doctor asap! Go to the er or call 911. Chest heaviness could be a heart attack, until proven otherwise.

Should I be really scared/worried of azithromycin side effects? I don't have a heart disease but I got chest infection wich gave me fast heart beat

Side effect. If you look at the incidence of the side effect in regularly healthy people the cardiac side effect is still rare. The benefit outweighs the risk. The side effects are more in people taking cardiac medicines with which it interacts. So as long as indicated, the use of Azithromycin will remain in our armamentarium.

Is irregular heartbeat considered a heart condition on health surveys?

Depends. All human beings have some irregular heart beat sometimes. If it's something you've occasionally noticed, I wouldn't include it on a health survey, but if your doctor has given you a specific diagnosis, e.g. Atrial fibrillation or supraventricular tachycardia (among others), then I would include it.

Can you let me know is irregular heartbeat considered a heart condition?

Maybe. I get extra beats after exercise but all my test are normal including stress echo. Need to r/o arrhythmias with ecg, possibly holter monitor and stress test. Consult your physician.

What best tests to rule out potential heart issues? I had normal echo. I have bothersome irregular heartbeat. If echo was normal should I be concerned?

Palpitations. The evident rhythm abnormality you feel needs ECG documentation, a detailed physical exam would be good start along with some basic labs such as electrolytes thyroid function etc.

I need some informations on how does a blockage in the heart can cause irregular heartbeat?

Ventricular tachycardi. Blockage of the heart vessels can cause ventricle premature contraction or ventricular tachycardia that leads to ventricle fibrillation.